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The Ervin Law Office occupies the Willcox Building, which is located on the historic Public Square in Darlington, SC. In 1891, Dr J.C. Willcox purchased the old US Post Office site from local attorney JJ Ward and the Willcox Building was completed the following year. The two-story brick commercial building has a unique ornate cast iron and tin facade above the first floor with the name Willcox and Co. in the center of the facade. The Willcox Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Willcox Building was one of only two buildings on the south side of the Public Square that survived a disastrous fire in 1930. Today it is the only reminder of the impressive structures which once lined that block. Dr. Willcox built another building of significance that was destroyed by the 1930 fire, the Enterprise Hotel. The interior was completely renovated in 1992 by Jay Ervin, Gene Warr and former SC Governor, David Beasley, when the firm was known as Beasley, Ervin and Warr. Jay Ervin has practiced law in the Willcox Building since the purchase and renovation in 1992. Although the interior is very functional as a law office, the exterior retains its architecturally unique and historic appearance.

The Ervin Law Office is located just minutes from the Florence/Darlington Exit 164 off I-95 and is two hours travel time from Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC.